Monday, March 30, 2015

Bali extended!

Hello friends!

As the original plan would have it, I'd be in the bustling busy hub of Bangkok, hanging from aerial fabrics, twirling and whirling in my friend's yoga studio and getting a dental exam.

However, part of this SEA adventure entails being open to the winds of change, opportunity and possibility as they come along. And like any good SEA farer knows, flexibility (along with a strong internal compass and a few clean pairs of undies) are the key ingredients.

So! Here I am: 
It's a hard life, I know.

On my last night in Bingin beach with my girls Robyn, Stephanie and Bobbi, I met a group of new pals on the beach after I'd taken a stroll down myself, to do a bit of yoga and sink my head into the sand and watch the waves upside down.

Made some new friends and am now hanging in the Gili Islands right now, on Gili Air. Waking up early for sunrise and sadhana on the beach, kayaking across to nearby islands, (we made it to Lombok this morning before breakfast!) snorkeling, massage and mojitos. Going with the flow :)
My new pal Toby and our freshly pimped ship, on the shores of Lombok. Ahoy!

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  1. Yowzaa! This looks like soooooo much fun! I'm so happy for you, dear Cait! Even without the aerial fabrics, you are flying high! Big love from the Valley!! xxoo