Saturday, March 7, 2015

Excursion Time!

Hello friends! Last night we ended our week long in depth study of the chakras, celebrated with coconut curry and a night off to pack.

We ended with Vishudda, the throat chakra, all about voice, expression, truth, clarity. As a fun (though for some sisters, terrifying) closing exercise in the morning, we had to each stand in front of the other sisters and sing a song a Capella! I followed our instructor Grace with a rendition of Amazing Grace-- I love to sing! Feeling committed to doing more of it when I return home-- and as the journey continues to unfold here in SEA.

I've taken to walking every afternoon after lunch, which has been wonderful not only to digest and process the richness of our study and the food (getting a little rice fatigue at this point), but also to see the surroundings, the people and landscapes, that reside in this mountain beyond the retreat driveway.
Yesterday, this little guy accompanied my whole walk!

This morning, I'm up early to walk with a few sisters (we have the morning off of sadhana) before we head out for our two day excursion to Menjagan Island, where we will snorkel, swim and workshop crow pose by the water! The island houses a natural park, from which we will be able to see Java, another Indonesian Island. I love the mountains but can't wait to sink my toes in the ocean again!!

Here's a silly roomie selfie as we figure out how the hell to exchange rupiahs for US$$. Here, we are millionaires! (100,000 is roughly 7.50)
Abundance and sunshine to you all back home! More pics of beach to come :)

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