Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Blissin in Bali! Day One

I'm writing from the hotel computer, open air and fan overhead. Just a few minutes before myself and five other of my Shakti sisters walk down the street for some live music and traditional Balinese fair (YUM!) A stone statue spits water in a nearby fountain and geckos climb and scurry up the stone wall to my left, backing an ornate picture of gods and goddesses dancing. HOLY SMOKES! What land did I arrive in!? I'm still in pinch-me-is-this-real mode. Utterly awed by the breathtaking beauty, the intricate variability and exquisite detail of this magical earth we inhabit.

What a day it's been. I wrote today's post by hand in my journal, lying on a cushy beach couch (yes, that's right, a beach couch...think white reclining beach chair and temprapedic had a kid). As I don't have a computer here, posting may be difficult but it feels more important than I even know now to keep log of my thoughts, musings, seeings, not only to keep connected with my loving and lovely sangha back home, but to honor all this experience is. I remember reading somewhere about writers that they live the richest lives because they get to relive their experiences twice. I want to cast this experience in language to be able to look back and remember the smell of the salt air, the warmth of the salt water, the healing on m skin, the just-right sweetness of the welcome drink strawberry mint lemonade, feel the texture of Rada's gentle yet fierce palms rubbing into my travel-weary shoulders during the two hour massage I received today...the rose petals in a silver basin beneath the head rest. All the magic in the minutae.

We are staying for the next three days at Puri Santrian, a beach resort and hotel that, blissfully, my Shakti sister Robyn took all the initiative to set up. She hit the jackpot!! It is, as pictures will show, completely gorgeous. A welcome gong and clan of smiling bronzed beauties welcomed us in yesterday, and it's been only layers upon layers of magic unfolding since then. I'm stunned by the detail of this place, the thoughtfulness and care lurking in every flower petal, every sprig of orchids, the sarongs covering even the statues "to make dem look like people" a nice Balinese man told us today, when we asked about the tablecloth like sarongs covering the loins of all the dozens of statues all over the property.

Morning yoga, breakfast UNMATCHED (papaya, carambola, passion fruit, yoghurt, make your own omelette, yummiest coffee with freshest milk)-- the food has been heaven. Such abundance.

I must go shower before dinny din, so will have to post my longer thoughts from today later, but here are a couple of poemish snippets from today! 

Sending big love to the snowy northeast. 

"Sphinx statues and lotus petals
rising from the muck.
the soft sound of water spilling
gentle sun, surya king, rising with the floating breeze
Balinese, wrapped like royalty and brimming with smiles
Everywhere, everywhere, warmth radiating--

"Hello! Where are you from?" Everyone truly welcoming, truly curious, looking at the eye and into the heart. This morning, I woke early to the sound of birds and jumping squirrels, a calm slow sun after a night of heat lightning and gentle rain dancing across the sky.

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