Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Call to Adventure!

Dearest friends and family, far and wide,

Hello and welcome to my travel blog! As I gear up for the journey that lies ahead, to meet my Shakti sisters in Bali for a month long immersion 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training, I am so looking forward to having a platform to reflect, muse, share and otherwise connect with all of the loving sangha, community, that has helped me arrive to the place in my life I am today. If you are reading this, YOU form a part of that community!

I have spent the last hour or two with my dear friend Leah, who has helped me finalize the finishing touches on leaving my space clear and clean, and packing my life for the next three months into an impressively compact 2 bags. This afternoon, I am headed to Connecticut, where I'll visit with my aunt and her partner for the evening, then head to New York City to soak up the wonders of the city's urban metropolis before boarding my disconcertingly long flight to Bali late Sunday night! EHH!

For those of you who don't know, the program I'm doing is called Shakti Initation. More info on the program here:

I'll have limited access to internet during the first month, but have promised myself to make every effort to post whenever I can. Be expecting snippets along the way, and as always, your emails, notes, songs, memes, facebook stickers and youtube clips are ALWAYS welcome in my inbox!

Now, for my first musing snippet.

This morning, I went to my final yoga class at Yoga Sanctuary, the studio I most practice in home in Northampton. Ellie, a gifted and radiant teacher, taught on Shiva, the male counterpart to Shakti. Shiva is both the creator, sustainer and destroyer of the universe, and is balanced by Shakti, his female counterpart. Shiva can be thought of, she offered, as the riverbanks holding up the river, and Shakti, the dynamic, energized movement and flow of energy that runs through the river. This dynamic balance between stability, structure, firmness, grounding, and vitality, movement, motion, transformation, is my working definition of the journey ahead. To stay open and rooted, receptive and courageous, are my intentions for the road ahead.  

As part of the many-stepped preparation for the training I will begin on February 27 with my Shakti sisters at the Bali Mountain Retreat Center, I had to select both a mudra and a goddess to adopt. I selected Abhaya Mudra, the mudra of fearlessness, courage and protection. As Ellie led us to take this mudra in class today, I couldn't help but smile and think of this little gesture I'll be making as I board the plane across the planet. Here we go!

Biggest love to you all <3

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