Sunday, February 22, 2015


A six mile walk through snowy Central Park; carriages, taxi cabs, pedestrians, panhandlers; skyscrapers and city lights, rosy-cheeked toddlers bundled and giggling in different languages. Subway stops and traffic cops, smells every imaginable kind. 

After my long walk, I escaped the snow and spent the afternoon yesterday lingering in the Asian wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, gaping over statues of stone goddesses standing tall from centuries past. After successfully navigating the NYC subway system-- CHECK!-- I slushed through the pomodoro smelling streets of Nolita to share a three hour dinner with my old high school friend, Talia, at the yummiest healthveg restaurant, The Butcher's Daughter, downtown Manhattan. Spicy kale salad with almond caesar dressing?! Vegan GF coconut ice cream sandwich?! Free glasses of wine on the house as a complimentary toast to long lost reunion?! NYC, you're quite the gem!

Off to a yoga class today with another high school friend, then an afternoon to settling and gearing up before I head to the airport tonight! Feeling gratitude and excitement to the brim!

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